Technological invention


The Sunway platform is a partnership for designers, inventors and I/P owners to free themselves from the burden of “going it alone” . Sunway Tools is a one stop shop that can lift up a project from any point in the development cycle to achieve success.

This innovation development provides our retailer partners a steady stream of new ideas and exclusive protected products.

Sunway Tools is the vendor of record and manages all sales operations, order processing, and logistics.


  • The platform is a 100% turn key program that can be customized to fit the exact needs and wants of our partner
  • The inventor, I/P, private label brand owner retains total control of the patent stays the face of their product-company.
  • We will assist in obtaining and enforcing US, Worldwide, and China Patents. We are one team with our partners.
  • All business is 100% transparent, with open access to our factory, offices and the USA sales and marketing teams