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Stop throwing away salvageable dirty paint rollers and save time and money with the Roller Ready paint roller cleaning tool. Whether you’re an experienced professional painter, or an earnest homeowner taking on a DIY project, this simple, easy-to-use paint remover device attaches to your cordless drill to quickly and efficiently clean your paint rollers. The Roller Ready works on standard roller heads of all lengths and eliminates paint mess in the sink, kitchen and other work station areas. This device is a great home-improvement solution that allows you to reuse your rollers again and again, getting you the most out of your tools, painting products and money.


Product Description – Roller Ready Paint Roller Cleaner, Cleaning Tool for Small, Medium and Large Rollers, No More Need for Paint Roller Covers, Drill Attachment Tool, Pro Aluminum, Cleans Rollers Up to 18″

Step One

Insert the Roller Ready into your standard cordless drill and lock into place.

Step Two

Attach your dirty paint roller sleeve so it covers the Roller Ready applicator. In a large empty bucket spin off any excess paint from roller.

Step Three

In a separate large bucket filled with water, fully submerge the roller into the water and spin for 15-60 seconds.

Step Four

Remove from water and return to the first empty bucket to spin off excess water for 5-10 seconds and dry.


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QUICK & EASY: This easy-to-use device attaches to your standard cordless drill to quickly and efficiently clean your paint rollers in less than one minute!

SAVE TIME & MONEY: Stop throwing away salvageable dirty paint rollers and save money with the Roller Ready paint remover cleaning tool. Creates a streamlined cleaning process that quickly removes excess paint from roller brushes and saves costs on buying new paint rollers for every project.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: We recommend two 5 gallon buckets, (one for spinning off excess paint and one for submerging in water) and a standard cordless drill.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Roller Ready is designed to fit most household drills. The 3/8” shaft is compatible with standard cordless drills and will securely lock into place for high-performance spin maneuverability. This unique, patented invention allows painters of all skill levels to use higher quality paint rollers that can be reused multiple times. Therefore, the very cheapest quality paint rollers which often lack consistency in sizing and shape generally will not work well with the Roller Ready.

PLASTIC OR ALUMINUM: Available in two materials: Choose the large or small plastic model for rollers up to 9 inches long. When cleaning rollers up to 18 inches in length, select the Pro model in aluminum for ultra-durability. For specialized mini rollers choose our mini aluminum pro model.